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Our Founder

Our Founder

Brahm A. Elkin


I founded the M&A Club in 2009, to establish a network of M&A professionals with the goal of keeping medium sized businesses alive and well in Canada. In my career as an entrepreneur prior to M&A, I witnessed first hand the benefit of casting a wide net in order to achieve success. As our reach increased, our membership expanded from local to regional to provincial to country wide – now with international reach.

I then identified two areas that would further benefit our membership. First, I created the Montreal M&A Forum, an inclusive and interactive setting for our leading professionals to share current information and forecasts. The event has been running for ten years straight and attracts 400 members every year.
Secondly, to celebrate and share the successes of our industry, which contributes significantly to the economy of Canada, I also established the Montreal M&A Awards Gala. Competition, positive energy and pride has filled the 400 person event since 2017. Kudos to all the nominees and winners!
Join us as we continue to innovate and lead the M&A community.